What type of rods do you build?

I build Carbon Fiber/Graphite and fiberglass rods. Primarily I build for Western waters which covers everything from large lakes and big fish down to tight mountain streams a long hike in.

Are custom rods more expensive?

They are not. We cannot compete with a starter kit, but our custom builds start at $325.00 A fair price to get something you can’t find at the fly shop or just want something a bit different than what’s on the shelf.

Do you do repairs?

Absolutely! I do repairs and custom builds for the Arizona Fly Shop. Repairs are easily sent to me as well.

How long does it take to build a rod?

An in-stock blank can go out in a couple of weeks. Some blanks take a long time to get and complex thread work and custom-turned grips can take longer. The wait is worth it. The biggest mistake is to try and get a rod built for an upcoming trip, deadlines are difficult due to time constraints and supply chain issues.